Implant Health offers ongoing care of you and your breast implants

What is Implant Health?

Breast implants are overwhelmingly safe but over the course of time, they can sometimes develop problems. These can be from either the implant itself or the way in which your body has reacted to them. At Implant Health, we understand that women with breast implants have unique healthcare needs that require a highly personalised approach. Our Implant Health platform offers a one-stop approach for the ongoing care of you and your breast implants.

If you are concerned about your breast implants, or simply want to have them checked, our team of specialist surgeons and radiologists have the expertise to perform an individualised assessment for you.

The benefits of breast implant checks include the early detection of implant-related problems and the ability to monitor how your breast and implant change over time.

Our goal is your Implant Health.

Your clinic visit

At Implant Health we offer a one-stop, individualised assessment of your breast implant, with:

  • Clinical assessment by a Consultant Surgeon
  • Ultrasound scan performed by a Consultant Radiologist
  • Clinical photography
  • 3D mammogram
  • Immune health check

Our venues

Our clinics are located in some of the country’s leading diagnostic venues, all of which are registered and approved by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

They offer innovative and technologically advanced facilities to ensure you receive cutting-edge care delivered by highly professional and expert staff.

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