My Breast Implant Feels Misshapen- What Do I Do?

Realizing that something doesn’t feel right with your body is an alarming and unsettling experience. For those who have undergone breast augmentation, the discovery that an implant feels misshapen can be fraught with anxiety and concern. The good news is that recognition is the first step towards resolution. Here, we break down a proactive approach to this post-augmentation dilemma.

Understanding the Issue

A breast implant that feels misshapen can take various forms. It might involve one breast sitting higher than the other, a breast implant that has moved from its original position, or a visible asymmetry in the shape of your breasts. The causes can be multifaceted. It could be due to Postoperative capsular contracture, where the scar tissue around the implant tightens, repositioning the breast implant. It could also be attributed to a rupture of the implant, leading to a change in its consistency. More benignly, it could be a result of swelling or settling of the implant in a new pocket within the breast.

Steps to Take

Upon noticing an irregularity in your breast shape, the immediate step is not to panic but to schedule an appointment with your plastic surgeon. Early consultation can help prevent worsening conditions and allow for faster corrective action. During the consultation, your surgeon will conduct a physical examination, possibly followed by diagnostic imaging, such as an MRI, to assess the implant’s integrity and positioning.

The Path to Resolution

The course of action will depend on the diagnosis. In the case of capsular contracture, this may require a procedure to remove excess scar tissue, potentially accompanied by a change in Breast implant size or texture. If the implant has ruptured, surgical intervention to remove and replace the breast implant may be necessary. In less severe cases, you may simply require a period of observation for natural settling to occur, especially for textured or anatomically shaped implants.

In strategizing the next steps, it’s important to maintain open communication with your surgeon. Seek clarification on the options available, potential risks, and the expected outcomes of any procedure.


It’s crucial to address any post-augmentation concerns promptly. While finding a misshapen implant can be alarming, know that there are solutions. By engaging with your healthcare provider and understanding the issue, you’re taking critical steps toward restoring both your form and your peace of mind. Remember, your surgeon is your ally in this–trust in their expertise to guide you back to feeling secure and comfortable in your body.