Patient stories

Jenny’s Story

Jenny, 29, had a breast augmentation nine years ago. She was on holiday recently and suffered a knock to one of her breasts. She was worried that her breast implants may have been damaged. Jenny was seen at one of our sites the week after her holiday, and was reassured to find no problems with her breast implants following the clinical assessment and ultrasound scan.

Kavita’s Story

Kavita, 36, had noticed that her breasts were becoming harder and more painful seven years after having a breast augmentation in the USA. Implant Health was able to diagnose capsular contracture in both her breasts. She went on to have revision breast surgery with one of our Implant Health Affiliate surgeons. She had removal of her old implants and the troublesome capsules.

Deborah’s story

Deborah, 40, had breast implant surgery 11 years ago and noticed recently that one of her breasts appeared swollen. She was seen at one of our sites and was diagnosed with a collection of fluid (seroma) around one of her implants by our Implant Health team. She was referred onto one of our Implant Health Affiliate specialists who diagnosed her with a rare form of blood cancer (lymphoma) related to her implant. She received curative treatment at a specialist NHS centre and chose to have her implants removed at this time.