Will the results of my health check be shared with my GP?

We will only share your information with your GP if you give consent for this.

Do you check my breast for cancer?

Although this is not the main reason for your visit, the health check may be able to detect abnormal lumps in your breast that could represent cancer and advise your accordingly.

Will you be able to tell if my implant is ruptured?

Yes. The clinical assessment and ultrasound scan will have a good chance of detecting ruptured implants. However, in some instances an ultrasound alone may not be sufficient to diagnose a rupture and further imaging with an MRI scan may be recommended.

What happens if I have a problem with my implants?

If you have a ruptured implant or capsular contracture, Implant Health will be able to advise you on possible treatment options and can provide a referral to an expert surgeon Implant Health Affiliates for further treatment.

Does Implant Health carry out surgery for breast implants?

No. Implant Health only assesses your breasts and breast implants. If you require/want further treatment we can provide a referral.

Can you tell what my type of implants I have from the scan?

The scan cannot determine the shape, texture or the manufacturer of your implants. However, it can tell, with good accuracy, whether your implants are ruptured or not. implants are ruptured or not.

Is MRI better than Ultrasound to check on my implants?

Breast implants can be checked (imaged) with either an ultrasound or an MRI scan. Both are highly accurate although they show slightly different things. Our radiologists are specialised in using ultrasound as this gives an immediate result and can be adapted to investigate potential problems in more detail. Occasionally, our Consultant Radiologists may recommend an MRI in addition to your ultrasound if the check from ultrasound is inconclusive. Additional MRI scans are not included in our packages but can be purchased separately.

Can mammograms damage my implant?

In short no. However, if you have very old implants, they may be more susceptible to being damaged by external force.

I think I have breast implant illness – can you help me?

Our immune health screen is designed to screen for abnormalities of your immune system, particularly related to autoimmune function. If these are detected, we can provide referral to one of our Implant Health Affiliates for a more in-depth discussion around breast implant illness and advice on managing your breast implants.

What happens if the ultrasound scan finds a lump in my breast?

If a breast lump is diagnosed on ultrasound scan, our consultant radiologist will explain that a lump has been found and whether further investigation with either a mammogram, breast MRI or biopsy is recommended. These further tests can be organised through Implant Health, or we can write to your GP advising them to refer you to a diagnostic breast clinic in the NHS.

What is the Implant Health immune screen?

Our immune panel of blood tests are designed to provide a broad overview of your immune health, and these include tests to look at markers of infection/inflammation, metabolism and an autoimmune screen.