Can I have a 3D mammogram with breast implants

It’s a common myth that you can’t get 3d mammograms if you have breast implants, in fact, it’s one of our main diagnostic tools. They are the best detection method for early signs of breast cancer and are used to indicate signs of implant rupture or leakage.

Do breast implants interfere with mammograms?

Most breast implants consist of either silicone or saline which is known to blur and obstruct the breast tissue underneath. Implant placement, either in front of or behind the pectoral muscle, can have an impact on mammograms, but in most cases can be moved to get a clear view.


Should I get a 2d or 3d mammogram with breast implants?

It’s another common myth that 2d scans are better for getting a clearer view of the breast tissue if you have breast implants. In fact, 3d mammograms remain the best way to clearly map the breast and act as an excellent screening technique for dense breasts, breast cancer, and other irregularities.


3d mammogram with breast implants explained

An average mammogram will consist of two images per breast. It is highly recommended you seek a clinic that is capable of taking multiple images including what is known as an implant displacement view. This involves pushing the breast implant back toward the chest and pulling up the breast in front of it. We can then compress the breast to reveal a clearer image of the front section of each.


Should I get an ultrasound or mammogram?

An ultrasound is a fantastic way to show if a breast implant is obstructing a mass or lump. However, mammograms can reveal small deposits of calcium that can detect initial stages of breast cancer. Luckily, we offer packages that consist of both types of scans to give you the best chance of detection.

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Worried about your breast implants?

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The benefits of breast implant checks include the early detection of implant-related problems and the ability to monitor how your breast and implant change over time.