Finding the Right Breast Implants

Finding the Right Implant for You

If you are considering undergoing a breast augmentation, we understand you may feel a little overwhelmed with decisions. From choosing the size to the type, and shape, finding the right implant can seem tricky. 

Of course, you are not alone, and your chosen plastic surgeon will be able to help you make an informed decision, but to help you out we have prepared a list of things you may want to consider before undergoing breast augmentation to help you achieve your desired outcome. 

Implant Size and Cup Size are Not the Same

The first thing to consider is size. Now, breast implants are measured differently than standard bra cup sizes. Usually, implants are measured in cubic centimetres (ccs) and roughly every 200 ccs equate to an increase of around one cup size. 

Now, most breast implants range between 100cc – 400cc for most natural results, but your chosen plastic surgeon will help you select a suitable size depending on your desires and body type. 

Consider your Frame

When it comes to breast augmentation, most women are looking for implants that look natural. The key to finding the most natural-looking implant is to consider your overall frame, including height.

For example, a petite woman can achieve a full and natural look with a  smaller breast implant than somebody with a larger frame. In addition, choosing the right size implant for your overall frame will save you from experiencing back and shoulder pain that is often associated with larger breasts. 

Your Lifestyle

Before undergoing breast augmentation, you will also want to consider your overall lifestyle. Think about how active you are, do you do a lot of running or play sports? If the answer is yes, you may want to opt for smaller implants as they would provide you with more comfort. 

It is also worth remembering that breast augmentation will affect how your clothes fit. If you enjoy going braless or enjoy wearing clothes that make bras a little more difficult, then smaller breast implants may be the answer. Alternatively, if you are looking for implants to fill your clothes you may want to consider larger ones. 

Another lifestyle factor to consider is how comfortable you are with people noticing your fuller breast. The smaller, and more natural looking your breast implants are, the less noticeable they are likely to be.


Breast implants are typically either round or teardrop in shape. Round implants are the most common shape, and after your surgery, the projection of the breast will appear spherical with more fullness towards the top of the breast. 

Teardrop breast implants have a more natural look and look fuller towards the bottom. This type of implant can achieve the same fullness as a round breast implant but is concentrated towards the bottom, like a natural breast. 

Think About the Future

Most breast implants last around 10 years before they will require removing or replacement. Take into consideration where you see your life in 10 years – will your implants still work with your lifestyle? 

During your consultation, your chosen plastic surgeon will discuss all of this with you in detail to help you decide which implant is right for you. 

When thinking about the future, we recommend you consider health screenings, such as Implant Health to monitor the overall health of your implant, and surrounding breast to identify any possible complications.

To find out more, or to book your breast health screening, contact Implant Health.